Thursday, December 1, 2005

being fruity

While we’re on the subject of fruit, have you ever heard of a Sweetie? This fruit is grown primarily in Israel and imported in large quantities by Japan, although I have never seen one in the United States. Apparently, a similar fruit is now being grown in California, although it goes by the name Oroblanco.

So what is a Sweetie? A sweetie is a cross between a white grapefruit and a pomelo. It retains the size and juiciness of a grapefruit, but gains the sweetness of a pomelo. This of course, leads me to the question, what is a pomelo? A pomelo is a sweet and tangy giant citrus from Malaysia.

Anyway, I bought a Sweetie to try it out the other day. And while it is true that it is not quite as bitter as a grapefruit, I don’t know that I would call it sweet. Of course, it could be that I did not choose a perfectly ripe one, but since they never change color (constantly green) and I had never had the experience of picking one out before, I wouldn’t know. I don’t think that I can say I would buy one again, but at least I now know where the Sweetie flavored gum comes from.

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