Sunday, December 25, 2005

have a very merry

Last year I spent the holidays sitting around and watching movies. This year I spent the last three nights at other people’s houses. Details and pictures will come, but for now,

To (Mayo’s) Grandmother’s House We Go, or Holiday Rush,
or Various Pictures of How I Spent My Christmas:

1. Chiiko-chan, who remembered me a year after first meeting me
2. Kuri-chan, the chestnut mascot of the area
3. Sazae-san books lining the bookshelves
4. Swaying bamboo on Nikko Mountain
5. My miniature snowman, all decked out
6. Thomas the Train Engine pasted on a pavilion
7. Lepkuchen, grandma’s secret recipe
8. Chibi-chan, fat cat and constant talker
9. My very first Christmas Cake

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