Tuesday, January 3, 2006

whittling the time away

It’s the third day of the New Year. While the first and second are official holidays in Japan, the third is a fuzzy sort of holiday; large stores and banks are open, while small shops and neighborhood groceries are not. Luckily for me, Shop 99, the small grocery store where everything is 99 yen, never closes all year. So when I needed a cup of sugar this afternoon, I didn’t knock on my neighbor’s door, I just walked a couple minutes down the street and bought a whole bag.

On an unrelated note, it has recently come to my attention that Internet Explorer and my photo gallery website do not get along. I was oblivious to this because I use the much superior Firefox browser, but now that I have discovered the discrepancies, they will be fixed in a matter of moments (hopefully). Also expect pictures from a long lost trip to the Bahamas and a more recent trip to the Japanese countryside to follow soon thereafter. Ah, what you can do with free time!

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