Friday, June 30, 2006

an american welcome

My two lives began their period of crossing over yesterday when my Japanese friend, Mayo, arrived in the US. She’s staying three weeks in the my home country, and I plan to show her all the things that make America, specifically the Midwest, great: corn fields, huge people, Chinese buffets, Meijer superstores, thrift shops, parks with green grass, and 44 oz. soft drinks for 79 cents.

Her trip started out well when she arrived at the Chicago O’Hare Airport and couldn’t find the commuter rail station, asking the Airport Hilton three times and each time eliciting a different set of directions. It got better when her Amtrak train from Chicago to my house was cancelled due to an accident, effectively trapping her in Chicago. Luckily, she met one of those good-hearted Midwesterners who helped her get on the bus Amtrak set up to take her within an hour and a half of my house.

And what did she have to say about this whole experience when we picked her up from the Amtrak station at 2am this morning? “It was fun!” I hope I can make the rest of the trip just as exciting.

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