Wednesday, July 8, 2009

catching up #1

When Sam and I started planning for this trip, we surmised that there would be times when we would sit in a coffee shop and read books, relaxing for a few hours. Today (day 10) would be the first day we have done anything that resembles this, and we are actually in the Astoria, Oregon public library.

Our days have mostly been like the following:

Wake up in an empty parking lot.
Move the stuff from the cab of the truck to the back of the truck.
Eat hummus and bread for breakfast.
Find a gas station with a bathroom.
Drive somewhere.
Get out and hike/take photos/walk around.
Drive somewhere else.
Get out and do something.
Go to a grocery store.
Find an empty parking lot.
Move the stuff from the back of the truck to the cab of the truck.
Eat dinner.

Unfortunately, I am tired and have nothing else fun to say right now. The short updates will keep coming as long as I can remember to do them.

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