Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i heart kale

We're back in La Crosse, which means we're back to being within walking distance of two weekly farmer's markets. Mostly we shop for veggies we'll need during the week, but occasionally I see something I feel I need to eat. This week it was kale, purple kale. And because it is a farmer's market, I got a lot more than I needed for an amazing price.

So I ended up with lots of kale, and the only recipe I knew is for kale and potato gratin. So I went searching and I found I Heart Kale, a website of delicious looking recipes, including quite a few for kale. Tonight I tried the most random, quick recipe for kale that I could find on the site - kale chips.

Kale has a weird enough texture as it is (especially the curly, purple kale I got), but kale chips take that texture to a whole new level. I can't say they were wonderful, but I won't say they were bad, either. Interesting is definitely the most appropriate adjective.

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Mike said...

Laura! It's Mike H., from BU. I stumbled again on your blog. I have some good friends in La Crosse - they're reasonably well established in the town (Gundersen/Battison is their family name) and could help you with anything you might need up there in Wisconsin. Send me an email, if'n you're interested in getting in touch with them (or me). Hope all's well.