Monday, August 31, 2009

not a green thumb between us

Many months ago, when I did not have a job, I met a woman interested in gardening. She put me in touch with her friend who had a garden plot, but could not use it; she was moving out before the plants would even begin to flower.

So we came to an agreement, supported by the laws of Wisconsin which say, approximately, "If you plant something while you still own the property, the fruits of your planting are still yours, even if you've sold the property." Sam and I planted tomatoes, radishes, peas, carrots, sunflowers, watermelon, squash, cucumber, and peppers while our friendly property owner packed up her belongings.

The house is still on the market, and we go over a few times a week to check on the progress of the fruits of our labors. Sadly, they are meager. The survivors of rabbits and poor planting techniques: tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, watermelon, radishes, and sunflowers. But the sunflowers aren't blooming, the radishes bolted without producing tasty roots, and it was not hot enough for the tomatoes to turn.

We do have high hopes for the squash, which are taking over any space the weeds will give them, and the tiny watermelons and cucumbers peeking out from under their invading neighbor's leaves. The tomatoes have a chance too, since this week is supposed to be sunny. Perhaps we will get a tasty harvest after all.

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sg said...

What if you plant an apple tree in Wisconsin: can you keep coming back year after year?