Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not a treehouse

We live on the second floor of our building. The usual entrance is an outside wooden staircase that leads up to a little landing in front of our door. Lately, we have come home to find some visitors hanging out on our porch - squirrels.

It seems that they love to run up and down our stairs and hang out in the shade our porch provides. We come home and climb halfway up the stairs only to find a squirrel staring at us from the top. It then proceeds to freak out, running in circles and frantically trying to decide whether it is worth it to jump to its death or meet the monsters square on.

We always end up backing down and going under the porch to scare it down the stairs. The squirrel starts out cautiously (dum da-dum da-dum) and about halfway down decides it needs to run for its life (dadadadaddadadada). The last four steps are skipped as it hurls its body outward toward the safety of the patio.

Today I met one on the patio and it couldn't decide whether it should run up the stairs or scale the wall of the house to get away from me. It went back and forth for a good two minutes before it realized it could just run past me without me eating it.

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