Sunday, November 8, 2009

safety orange

Since it was an unseasonable 70 degrees yesterday, Sam and I went hiking in Perrot State Park. The leaves are way past their prime and have mostly fallen to the ground. This makes for wonderful swooshing and swishing along the trail. It also means I almost scared away this beautiful orange moth taking a rest amongst the leaves. A few weeks ago, it would have blended in perfectly, but now it is a bit more visible to hikers and well prepared for the start of deer season.


Anonymous said...

nice post!

lostbetweentheletters said...

Hi. Lovely photo. I've been meaning to comment and say hello for a while now. I'm a friend of Malea Jochim's from architecture school and her cousin Katherine knows you (apparently you all went to the same high school). Malea mentioned that you had recently moved to La Crosse which I also did - about a year and a half ago. Always looking for kindred spirits. If you're not busy we should get together and have coffee some time. - Della