Monday, February 15, 2010

more than enough mushrooms

I've been reading quite a few food magazines lately, Cook's Illustrated, Saveur, Vegetarian Times, and Bon Appetit, to name a few. I am easily inspired by the beautiful photos of tasty food and I quickly pull out the recipes I'd like to try. I have a growing folder of "someday I'll try these."

Tonight I pulled one out and gave it a whirl. Mushroom Strudel with Cashew Creme sounds good doesn't it?

Well, it's a poor workman who blames her tools, but I'm gonna go ahead and toss out some of the blame for this not very beautiful dinner I put on the table.

First, the recipe did not give approximate cooking times for anything, a fact I noticed about an hour and a half before the designated dinner time. So what I thought would be a quick recipe, ended up taking long enough for me to need to take shortcuts.

Second, my food processor is a tiny, old thing that cannot handle turning solids into liquids. Hence, the cashew creme turned out more like a lumpy cashew gravy.

Lastly, I apparently do not do well with phyllo dough. Enough said.

So, it was not beautiful, and it didn't taste amazing, but it was edible. And that's what's important, I guess.

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