Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I haven't seen any rabbits around, so I'm not blaming them, yet. But there are many, many birds flying around my house, and I am fairly certain they are nibbling on my sprouts!

My lettuce leaves were growing wonderfully until yesterday afternoon, when something ate all but one leaf. I had a good ten lemon thyme sprouts up, until something took off the tops.

I'm resorting to covering with plastic the things I have in pots, but I'm afraid I will roast them. I don't know if I'd rather destroy my own plants, or let the birds do it!

I just hope that when the things in the garden start coming up, the birds don't attack those too.


Deb said...

My mom used to have a bird net for her strawberry plants. It lets them breathe, but puts up at least something of a barrier against unwanted nibblers (didn't keep me and the neighbor kid out though :)

kj said...

I tied aluminum pie plates to a stake to scare them away. While it did make me seem like a 77 year old, crotchety woman, it worked on the birds.