Tuesday, June 15, 2010

home again, home again

Thirty-two days after leaving our little house and heading to Japan, we are back in La Crosse.

They say there's been a lot of rain around here, and the way the garden has taken off, I believe it. The parsley and dill have shot up, the chamomile and chives are holding their own, and the sunflowers would have taken over the garden if I hadn't have planted them so close together. Our landlord also gifted us with a lovely rain barrel which is already overflowing with rainwater.

We've managed to do most of the unpacking - the sorting of clean and dirty, gifts and keepers. Tomorrow we'll deal with the neatly stacked piles. In the meantime, there are groceries to buy, floors to sweep, and pictures to upload.

I'm thinking I'll both post a link to all of the Japan pictures and do a series of posts about some of our more memorable experiences. It'll all be up here in a week or so, depending on work and how fast I can get through my pile of important mail.

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