Friday, July 30, 2010

engrish is not quite dead

It used to be that I would walk down the Teramachi Shopping Arcade and be able to buy t-shirts, bags, handkerchiefs, whatever and it would have wonderful, incorrect English on it. Sadly, it's much harder to find Engrish in Japan these days that lives up to the standards of five years ago. That being said, we didn't leave Japan without running across a couple good ones.

The first was Jesus Body diet supplements. I don't know what the impetus on the name is, but some have conjectured that "Jesus!" or "Jesus Christ!" is one of the English exclamatory phrases taking hold in Japan lately, and that's the sort of expression people would use when referring to your body after using this product. The package says:

Jesus Body
New discovery to be kept secret from others.
This discovery is a secret.
I can lay it down because I am correct.
We will not make you sorry.
Pleasure to have the real thing.
I really longed for this.

We also stumbled across Tits Cafe in downtown Kyoto, which looked like a lovely place to have a nice sandwich lunch. I don't think the owner realized his establishment might be mistaken for a gentleman's club.

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