Tuesday, July 6, 2010

golden dolphin

After two wet days in Hamamatsu eating eel and failing to capture the elusive clams on the beach, we headed down to Nagoya. The last time I was in Japan, I went up to the Sapporo Snow Festival where one of the giant snow sculptures had been of the Nagoya Castle. It looked pretty cool made of out snow, so I thought it would be even better in real life.

Eh. The whole thing (except the foundation) had been rebuilt/restored as a museum, so there wasn't much authenticity left. It looked pretty big and imposing from the outside, but I wouldn't recommend paying to go inside. Nijo Castle in Kyoto is much better.

The most interesting thing about Nagoya Castle was the giant golden dolphin that sits on the rooftop. It used to be gilded in gold, but that got stolen years ago. There were replicas all over, though. How much does this look like a dolphin to you?

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