Sunday, August 22, 2010

ultimate in japan

There have been few posts about Ultimate frisbee this summer, mostly because we have unintentionally attended about six fewer tournaments this year than last year. But that doesn't mean we didn't find a few places to play while we were in Japan.

On a lovely afternoon in Osaka, we joined UFO (Ultimate Frisbee Osaka), a group of ex-pats and Japanese, for a game of pick-up in the tall grasses alongside the Yodogawa River. It had been years since I'd played with this group, but there was at least one person I knew still playing.

A week later, we begged our way onto some alumni teams at a tournament in Maishima, just outside of Osaka. Sam picked up with the Tibets, Kyoto University's alumni team (and the team I used to practice with), and I joined Kaede, Doshisha University's alumni team. The Tibets did alright, but Kaede won the tournament. And yes, I stood a full head taller than any of the women I played with or against.

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