Thursday, September 16, 2010


My worms live in a dark little room in our basement. Lately we've been keeping the door to that room open so whatever water seeps in when it rains can dry out.

Yesterday I went in to grab the worms for their pre-winter home change. (While cleaning the bin, I counted worms. I have somewhere over 700 worms. I lost count around 630.)

Anyway, in the corner of the little room that gets only the smallest amount of light there was a plant. This plant is growing out of a crack in the wall. It is pale and obviously having some trouble, but not enough trouble that is hasn't sprouted upward and produced some leaves.

I really wish it would keep growing lengthwise and find it's way out the door, because that would be really amazing.

It has a friend too, one that is nearer the light and a little more green, but not nearly as impressive as this one in the darkest corner. I wish them both luck in the coming weeks as the frost is upon us.

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the456girl said...

how are the little plants doing?