Monday, September 6, 2010

the sunflowers have gone

As the weather takes a turn for the cooler, my garden has slowly begun winding down. The beautiful sunflowers that held a pollen feast for the bees a month ago and a seed buffet for the cardinals last week are now downcast. The chamomile, cucumber, dill, and rhubarb have joined the sunflowers in trading their bright summer colors for something a little brown as befits the oncoming season.

In contrast, the lettuce has bolted and produced lovely yellow flowers and little white puffballs of seeds. The chives, too, have blossomed, and between these two there is a little corner of spring in the garden.

However, we are trying to convince the basil and Thai basil that it is still summer by pinching off their buds before they have a chance to bloom. We need a few more weeks to put up some more pesto!

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