Monday, October 11, 2010

i bleed orange

Sam and I were Observers (Ultimate's version of referees; we run up and down the field watching for travels and fouls, and rule on any such calls when asked by the players) for Central Regionals this weekend. We became certified Observers as another way to extend our Ultimate careers as we get older and our bodies cannot handle two days of sprinting on hard ground.

I do not know where we got that idea that Observing would physically be a step down from playing, but it is wrong. This weekend we both Observed eight games each. As a player, I would maybe play six. And Observers do not get subs. We get seventy seconds between points, and whatever time-outs are called. I did some very basic math, and I ran at the very least twelve miles this weekend, and seventeen miles would not be unrealistic. This on nothing but bananas, trail mix, and croissants.

The result is massively tired bodies, horribly blistered toes (the trainer was very impressed with mine), sore muscles, and yet, the desire to Observe again as soon as possible. Sure, you can mess up calls, players may swear at you, and you run all day, but you're involved in the growth of an awesome sport, and you get to be around some of the most talented teams in the country. It's worth it.

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