Saturday, November 27, 2010

on the go

*Breakfast: French toast

*Lunch: Pizza from a Fort Wayne pizza place

*Afternoon snack: Vegetable lasagna, strawberries in a chocolate fountain

My friend Abby got married in September in D.C. and had her Indiana reception today. She's vegetarian, and so provided an incredibly tasty veggie lasagna. Sam wants the recipe. I had fun dipping strawberries in the chocolate fountain and trying to figure out all the jelly bean flavors in my jelly bean cup.

*Dinner: Chili Rellenos from a Mexican restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago

We decided to spit up the travel home, so we made it out past Chicago and stopped for the night. We ate dinner and then relaxed in our hotel room. I made Sam watch Princess Diaries 2 (the only thing on TV, really) since I had been watching football and basketball for three days straight. He endured resignedly.

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