Sunday, December 12, 2010


I've been waiting for lots of snow ever since the temperatures started dipping in mid-November. There are two reasons for my anticipation:

1. Cold weather is horrible without snow to mitigate it. Snow makes everything pretty instead of gray and dreary, and it gives me something to kick or jump around in when I'm walking in the cold.

2. I'm ready to go cross-country skiing again. One time last year was definitely not enough.

The La Crosse Tribune says we have gotten 16.9 inches of snow in the past two days. The drifts in my backyard are significantly higher. There are all sorts of travel advisories and frostbite warnings, and the snowplows have yet to get to our alley.

But that's okay, because Sam shoveled the truck out this morning (just in case), and I used the unplowed alleys and the parking lot next door to create my own cross-country ski course, complete with a few snowdrift hills to climb up and ski down. I had a great time. In fact, I might have had more fun breaking my own trail around my house than I did skiing last year on the groomed trails in Hixon.

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