Monday, May 30, 2011

brew days

It's been a busy spring for us, especially as we've been devoting a significant amount of time to brewing beer. Saturday we spent the day brewing two batches, which we found took only two hours longer than brewing just one batch. We've gotten the system down pat.

Our latest endeavors are listed below:

5. Oatmeal Chicory Stout: This was in the primary when I last updated about beer, but we got creative with it in the secondary and added coffee, roasted chicory, and licorice root. We bottled it last week, and I'm pretty happy with the roasted aftertaste. Sam thinks it's too much.

6. Weizen: This one was a little too warm in the primary, so it has a very banana aroma, but it'll make a nice summer beer.

7. Ordinary Bitter
8. Dunkelweizen
9. Extra Special Bitter

Our next brews will be a Rhubarb Weizenbock for fun, and a Pale Ale for Leslie's wedding!

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