Tuesday, December 13, 2011

breakfast of champions

We stopped at Mitsuwa, a very large Japanese grocery in Chicago, on our way home from Thanksgiving break. It seemed like every Japanese person traveling through Chicago was there as well. Most of the clerks and about 95% of the shoppers were Japanese. I even got to speak a little Japanese with a few people. For a minute or two I felt like I was back in Japan!

The upshot of going to the grocery is that we came home with a few of my favorite Japanese food items, and I have been eating them bit by bit of the last couple of weeks. This one here is natto, a fermented soy bean product that many people describe as having the consistency of snot. Appetizing, right? But I love it on rice with nori (seaweed) for breakfast, and it is very high in calcium and other vitamins.

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