Thursday, January 26, 2012


La Crosse is once again home to Bard-a-thon - seven days of around-the-clock Shakespeare readings at the Muse Theater.  Last night I attended the reading of Othello and was given the part of Montano, a governor who tries to keep the peace and then gets stabbed.  The great thing about Shakespeare tragedies is that pretty much everyone ends up dying in the end.  Othello is 2.5 hours of chatting, which leads to 5 minutes of killing everyone off.

My favorite aspect of Bard-a-thon is the joy of finding old references to phrases still used today.  A few of last night's examples include: the beast with two backs, crocodile tears, and green-eyed monster.  A new term I learned is "pottle" or "pottle-deep."  A pottle is a two-quart drinking vessel; so when you're pottle-deep, you're quite drunk!

DAY 10 (Odori - dancing ferment)
Stir in the morning
Bubbly and active at 57 deg
Add 2.25 cups koji to mash
Add 4.5 cups R-O water to mash
Put 4.25 cups R-O water in refrigerator

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