Wednesday, April 25, 2012

so, how about that sake?

It seems that I gave up on posting about the sake, but do not fear!  The sake has been doing its thing, and we actually have results.

Batch 1 is finished, pasteurized, and bottled.  It turned out almost as colorless as water, and very, very clear.  It tastes wonderful too.  I've already shared some with the homebrewers and one certified judge, and everyone thinks it's quite delicious.  I must admit that I thought it would be too dry, but at room temperature it has a delicate floral aroma and the dryness is barely noticeable.  I would claim success!

Batch 2 is about three weeks from being bottled.  It is noticeably yellower (a side-effect of lower quality rice and a higher fermentation temperature), but it smells good and seemed to ferment out without a problem.  I'll give it a sample the next time I rack it.

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