Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Today we kegged the very experimental sparkling raspberry sake.  

This is traditionally made sake supplemented with three pounds of local raspberries.  The fruit was frozen from last summer, pasteurized to remove bad things, and added with 16 ounces of its own juice into a fully fermented and clarified sake.

The result is a deep red, slightly tart beverage with a very raspberry nose.  The light, floral character of sake is still present, although very muted.  In its uncarbonated state, the raspberry flavor is almost too much, but I think this will lighten up when it is bubbly.

The ABV is questionable, but is probably going to end up being around 12-15%.  This is a little higher than I'd like, but will still make for a nice, refreshing, sipping beverage for hot summer evenings.

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ultimatesamwood said...

pictures, please. blog more interesting w/ pics