Monday, November 18, 2013

I want to try every recipe

Every year, the La Crosse Public Library has an event, complete with wine and tasty finger foods, for soliciting donations to the library.  This is not your usual sort of donation, however.

The staff puts out displays of books recently purchased for the library, and you get to peruse while drinking until you find a book that you are particularly happy now exists at the library.  Then you "buy the book for the library."  In this way, the library can choose books that they feel complement their collection, but you get to feel like you helped pick them out.

I have participated in this event two other times.  The first time, I donated a beer-related book, the second time a Japan-related book.  This time, I was going to go for something different, but I could not resist when I saw this cover.  And going through, True Brews by Emma Christensen is actually a nicely designed, easily readable, simply written book for the beginner looking to ferment beverages in their home.  I love that it includes non-alcoholic things like soda (who knew soda was so easy?) and even has a section on sake!

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