Wednesday, November 27, 2013


On Saturday, Millie played with Chester (wire-haired weiner dog).
On Sunday, Millie played with Axle and Koda (yellow/black labs).
On Monday, Millie was sad.
On Tuesday, Millie played with Arabica (English black lab).
On Wednesday, Millie played with Fennel (English black lab mix).

Millie is making lots of friends and learning all sorts of different ways different dogs play.  For example, Chester likes to tease Millie until she starts roughing him up, and then run away.  Arabica likes to play fight in a manner that greatly resembles mixed martial arts - a little jumping around to test the opponent, some upright sparring, then take to the floor for "wrestling."  Fennel pretends like she wants to do some serious playing, and then walks away.

I'm pretty sure this is going to be a week where Millie spends more time playing with other dogs than she does playing with a ball.  Will she break her addiction?  Probably not.

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