Friday, November 8, 2013

Special days

Awhile back I became very interested in the genealogy of my family, so I jumped on along with a bunch of other family members.  Our combined efforts led to a pretty extensive tree, although not quite as extensive as Sam's which goes back to the second ship after the Mayflower.

The nice (and sometimes annoying) thing about Geni is that it sends out birthday reminders for your whole living family tree.  And this is how I know that there are two birthdays today and three on Sunday in my family.  Yay for November!

And to think that it took me until I joined Geni to learn that I shared my birthday with two other relatives...

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ultimatesamwood said...

Oh, we've got our genealogy traced back further than our coming to America. I just so happens that we were on that boat. I've got viking blood!