Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy yellow

Sam's parents sent us home in June with an old bench that I thought would work very nicely on our back patio.  The problem with the bench was that it had a broken slat, the iron was rusty, and the the slats needed a new coat of paint.  So I made it a project, and Sam nagged me until I had it completed.

Tada!  I scrubbed off the rust and repainted the iron a dark grey, replaced all of the slats and painted them a happy yellow, and replaced all of the hardware to keep the bench together.  Sam helped drill holes and screw things together.

And now we have a nice bench on the back patio for when friends come over.

1 comment:

Muncie Wood said...

It took me several reads to realize the colour is "happy yellow" and not "harpy yellow".

Who knew Samwise was a handyman? I didn't. Nice work.