Sunday, August 3, 2014

On the water

It's our only weekend at home for months, and we're enjoying it!

Yesterday, we finally took the canoe out to Goose Island and paddled around for a few hours among the backwaters of the Mississippi.  The weather was gorgeous, with a nice breeze coming down the river.  Millie jumped out of the canoe only once (to chase a tree stump), but we didn't tip over.  We found a beach and a few sandbars to get out and explore, and Millie loved swimming around chasing whatever looked worth chasing.  It was pretty much perfect.

Thanks to our awesome friends Cassy and Connor for the indefinite loan of the canoe!


Peter U. said...

Lovin' the hat! Sam is totally holding that paddle wrong though... Also, Millie needs a PFD!

Muncie Wood said...

Sam is going to get a sunburn!