Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On the volcano trail

Today we explored two very interesting areas: our crazy house and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Note the photo of the house. Yes, there is a huge porch with multiple outdoor eating and ocean-viewing spots. Mo has been sleeping outside on one of the couches. The geckos keep us amused while we lounge, and the fish in the lagoon catch our attention when we walk by.

Behind the house is a basketball court surrounded by lemon, grapefruit, pomelo,   orange, and banana trees as well as pineapple plants and coconut-laden palm trees. We made fresh lemonade this morning as refreshment after a few games of knockout.

In the afternoon we hiked down into the secondary caldera of Kilauea and through some old lava tubes. We waited until dark to see the glow of the primary activity, and learned that the lava flow that threatened numerous houses several months ago is mere miles from where we're staying.

There's no threat, but the proximity is making me very tempted to go searching  for some lava.

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