Friday, February 27, 2015

Two tournaments

The impetus for our Hawaii trip was that there were two Ultimate tournaments on back-to-back weekends on different islands. 

The first was a team tournament near the beach on Oahu to which my Master's team (women over the age of 30), Hot Flash, was going. Sam picked up with a Spirit team, and we all had fun playing pretty competitively during the day and partying pretty hard at night.

The second was a hat tournament on a mountain on Maui to which mostly locals and some outsiders went, we all mixed up on different teams, and we played hard, but the competition level was a bit lower. My team was short on women, so I played four games and took off a total of four points all day.

In the end, my team won the championship game, my hamstrings were taxed to their limit, and I won the MVP Award for the tournament. You can see how serious this was based on the toilet seat that was my award.

The views from the fields were fantastic, the people were great, and Sam has said more than once how this tournament was the highlight of his week. It was pretty awesome, for sure.

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