Friday, November 13, 2015

Do some research

Every year, the public library has a fundraiser where people can go and "buy" books to donate to the library. In reality, the library has already purchased the books they needed and you just get to pick which one your money goes toward, but it's still fun.

Most amusing is that you can choose to write a book plate to put into the book you have purchased. I go every year with a friend, and I usually pick out something I'm interested in, and then make a related comment on the book plate.

This year, my friend couldn't go, so I took Sam. We decided on the book "Herbs & Spices: the cook's reference." And somehow Sam convinced me that we should put what you see in the photo as the inscription. Whoever looks it up will find it is not quite in the same subject area as a cooking/gardening book. Expanding horizons?

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