Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bathroom Remodel: Day 11

 It gets dark so early now, and the bathroom photos look even better because the light is not coming through the window.

Today we got grout in the shower and the floor.  We stuck with darker colors (not that you can tell so much), but they provide a nice contrast to the white and are easier to keep clean.

 We also got shower hardware.  I have to say that I thought long and hard about that shower hardware and in the end, pretty much anything would have worked.  But now I have fancy shower hardware.
In the corner we have the new linen closet.  It is much deeper than the old closet so as to take advantage of the usable space behind the shower wall.  It is also not going to have a door.  This will be an experiment in my ability to keep organized.  I plan on buying "fabric shelves" to make it easier to access the stuff in the back and to keep visitors from seeing my collection of toiletries.

The lack of door also gives us a little more flexibility for towel rods on the adjoining wall.  There are very few options for places to hang a full-sized towel in this bathroom, and we want to be able to consider all of them.

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