Friday, November 11, 2016

Bathroom Remodel: Day 13

 Everything for which a contractor is needed is compete!

The bathroom remodel is basically finished, minus the finishing touches to pull it all together: towels, linen closet baskets, shower curtain, and a little bit of painting on the door.  All of these things will be done by Monday (I hope).
 This morning we put up the towel bars.  This was not an easy decision because our bathroom is small enough that almost anywhere you put the towel bars they will be in the way of something.  In the end, above the toilet was the least intrusive place.
 The finished bathroom looks great.  I love the shower tile, I love the white/dark contrast. It needs some bright color, but we planned for that to come from the accessories, such as towels and the shower curtain.  I'm thinking red-orange will be my accent color, but we'll have to see.

I am also excited about the fact that I now get to hang a shelf and/or some actual grown-up art on the wall.  I may even take a trip to Ikea to make this happen!
There are only two things I regret about this bathroom.

1.  Despite my initial desire to try to keep the bathroom "traditional" to the time the house was built, we ended up going completely modern.  I was involved in all of the decisions that resulted in what we have, so I really can't blame anyone other than myself.  Does this mean I don't like the bathroom?  Not at all.  I still love it.  But sometimes I think about how great those tiny hexagonal floor tiles would have been.

2.  Now that the bathroom is all new, I really want other parts of the house to get a similar treatment;  I have the remodel bug.  Luckily, I have Sam to think reasonably and squash the bug before it gets me to spend too much time, energy, and money where it's not needed.


Peter U. said...

On to the kitchen!

Nathaniel Norman said...

My wife and I have a small bathroom just as you do, and we had trouble with our towel bar placement as well. We went with hooks instead, eliminating the potential to bump our head on it. Our contractors did a great job, but it was the little finishing touches that gave us the most trouble.