Sunday, November 6, 2016

Not As Advertised

We painted the bedroom yesterday and today.

 The pre-painting conversation went something like this:

Sam: I want off-white.
Laura: I want bold.
Sam: Everything else in the house is bold.
Laura: Okay, off-white, as long as it's not yellowy.
Sam: Hey, how about this blue?
Laura: Bold! Yes! But not that blue. How about this blue?
Sam: Not that blue. Scratch blue. Back to off-white.
Laura: Grey/tan slightly darker than off-white?
Sam: Not too tan. Silent Smoke?
Laura: Deal.

Painting ensued.

Sam: This looks really white.
Laura: This looks really white.
Sam: Well, at least it looks better than the previous color.
Laura: True. Can I still complain to Menards?

Really, the color is nothing like the swatch, don't you think?

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