Sunday, November 13, 2005


A selection of excerpts from Japanese newspaper articles about Bush’s visit to Kyoto. (translations by me)

Kyoto Shimbun, Nov. 8: “The Old Imperial Palace grounds are usually open twenty-four hours a day, and many citizens use the area to take strolls, pass through on the way to work or school, etc. The last time the grounds were completely closed to the public was thirteen years ago in 1992 when former President Bush visited during his time in office. This is the second time Kyoto has had to endure such a situation.”

Kyoto Shimbun, Nov. 10: “The hotel reserved by the White House staff has hired a special team of twenty staff trained in VIP services. On the other hand, there were hundreds regular guests whose reservations had to be cancelled. ‘There were many guests who come here every year for the autumn leaves who are very upset. They have nothing to do but to accept the situation.’”

Asahi Shimbun, Nov. 7:
[Concerning the blocking off of large amounts of the city during a peak tourist season]
“During last year’s leaf-viewing season in November there were 6.6 million visitors. Mr. Nishimura, a taxi driver of ten years, commented, ‘When they block off the main section of the city, where and how is the best to [take customers]? I can’t ask them to stop, so I can only give up.’”

The President will be visiting the newly built Geihinkan (Reception Hall) on the Old Imperial Palace grounds and Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion) before continuing his Asian tour in South Korea.

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