Thursday, November 24, 2005

there are no turkeys here

In a country whose only concept of lunchmeat is ham, ham, and more ham, I don’t expect to find any sort of turkey, even on Thanksgiving. In fact, most of the Japanese people I have met have never eaten turkey before. “What’s it taste like?” they ask. And of course, I can only answer, “Like chicken.” They should have sent those birds the president pardoned over to Japan, not to Disneyland.

I saw a 4kg turkey for 4000yen in the foreign goods store last week, but I couldn’t buy it because it wouldn’t fit in my freezer. I imagine it’s gone now. I am hoping, however, that I can still manage to find some StoveTop Stuffing. Were you aware that one of the inventors of StoveTop Stuffing died last week? ‘As a member of the research and development staff for General Foods, Ruth Siems helped find the ideal bread crumb size for making instant stuffing with the same texture as the real thing,’ says The New York Times. She was from Indiana.

Anyway, as I plan it, my Thanksgiving meal will be:
Chicken with turkey gravy
StoveTop Stuffing
Green beans
Pistachio Pudding
Not exactly what Grandma would make, but I’ll make do.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Enjoy!

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