Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Searching for something moderately interesting to write here, I walked into McDonald’s today and bought the quintessential Japanese McDonald’s food - a teriyaki burger. Or more properly, a Teriyaki McBurger. My evaluation is as follows:

The teriyaki burger is, contrary to what the name implies, less of a burger and more of a sausage-like substance. In fact, one can almost imagine it being a thinly veiled breakfast leftover with a special sauce. The sauce does in fact taste somewhat of teriyaki, but its weak flavor is masked by the generous portion of mayonnaise gluing the lettuce pieces to the bun.

Overall, I am glad that I only paid 200 yen to be able to say, “I ate a teriyaki burger.” My advice: if you’re in the mood for Japanese fast food, skip McDonald’s modified version and head over to Mos Burger, where you can get a very tasty rice burger for a reasonable price. You can buy teriyaki sauce and dribble it on a burger any day, but you won’t often be in a country that excels in making patties out of white starchy grain.

*Sidenote: The only reason I ever really enter McDonald’s is for their apple pie; unlike in the health conscious U.S., in Japan they still fry their desserts. Oh yeah.

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