Saturday, December 10, 2005

money matters

* I don’t presume to know the cost of a wedding dress in the US, but I saw some moderately priced wedding kimono today and they were in the upwards of $7000 range. Kimono for official ceremonies and such were only slightly less costly: something around $4000.

* Japan has a famous year-end lottery drawing worth 300,000,000yen. This approximates to something like $2.5 million. The Japanese are lining up for their 3000yen tickets and everyone is speculating what they’ll use the money for. However, I am not impressed; when I was home a couple months ago, the PowerBall Jackpot was something like $2 billion.

* You will all be happy to know that I recently recieved the loan of an electric heater that keeps my room happily above freezing temperatures. In exchange for not having to buy one, I spent my money on a timer. This little device will turn my heater on at 6am for me so that by the time I want to get up 8am, my room will be toasty warm and livable. This will, in fact, expedite my being able to get up at 8am and cease my huddling under the covers until 10am.

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