Friday, December 2, 2005

tough decision

For the past year I have been taking pottery lessons every Friday night. I love them. I make cups and bowls and vases and mugs and plates. Lately I have mastered the technique of smoothing and shaping to make my dishes look like masterpieces and not children’s art projects.

Today, however, was my last day. I have decided to teach to young children English instead of taking pottery class. I feel like it was a very adult decision. A decision based mostly on guilt (they had “reserved” lessons two months ago) and the need for money (pottery lessons= 4000yen/month, teaching=4000yen/lesson). I really wish I could have done both, though.

I guess I’ll have to find some other traditional art form to take up. I’ve already done ink painting, koto, and pottery. Maybe I’ll try calligraphy or tea ceremony.

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