Friday, December 2, 2005

twice bitten

Today I met the Japanese twin of a guy I used to play frisbee with at Boston University. A couple months ago I met the Japanese twin of a friend of mine from grade school. I occasionally hang out with the Japanese twin of an old boyfriend.

How is it that I run into Japanese people who look and act just like people back home? It’s incredibly disconcerting. Take twin of old boyfriend, for example. His manner of speaking is the same, his physical build is the same, and what really gets me, his smile is the same. I feel like I’ve known this guy forever just because it is so hard to seperate him from the image of my old boyfriend that he mirrors. It takes a lot of concentration to push past the similarities and get back to the differences that make him a unique individual, and not my imagination gone wild. Japanese twins are dangerous for your mind.

I’ve heard it said before that somewhere in the world there is a twin for everyone. Well, I think they’re amassing in Japan. I’ll keep a look out for yours.

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