Wednesday, December 28, 2005

weekly surutto

The Kansai Surutto Card - a convenience for the Kinki traveler, a toy for the kiddies, and a collector’s item for those who have nothing better to do. This handy little prepaid piece of plastic grants the holder access to all trains, buses, and subways in the Kansai area except JR (too good to join the club, I guess). In addition, it comes with all varieties of pictures; the larger the increment you buy, the better the picture.

It has recently come to my attention that despite riding my bicycle to the point of destroying my knees, I have also been spending more money on train cards than on food. If I was the collecting type, I could have shown you piles and piles of Kansai Surutto Cards lining my room. Alas, it is just now that I have decided to keep a digital record of my transactions with the Kyoto ticket dispensing machines.

And so, may I introduce “Weekly Surutto,” a collection of some of the cards I come across during my travels around the Old Capital. Being that I have thrown them all out until today, the pile starts with just one. Do not despair, it will build at a frightening rate.

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