Monday, June 19, 2006

crazy lies

30 hours without sleep
4 movies on a personal viewing screen
8 glasses of orange juice
6 trips to the bathroom
3 airline food meals
2 pillows and 1 blanket
10 minutes at customs and immigration

I made it to the United States and the helpful presence of Mark, who lugged some of my suitcases, took me to a delicious Mexican Restaurant, and tried to keep me from falling asleep by playing Disney songs and asking all about my musical instruments.

And on the way from the airport we were involved in a shoot-out on the highway which left two men dead, and one police car overturned. We escaped at the nearest exit, but not before Mark’s car sustained bullet damage.** Crazy LA. Tomorrow we’re going to Hollywood so I can audition for Steven Spielberg’s next movie entitled, “The Cruel Race.”* Good times ahead!

**See title of post…
*Movie reference, anyone?

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