Friday, July 28, 2006

money talks

Because I love my mother so much, I have been filling in for sick student teachers at the summer camp she runs. For the past two days we have been at Exchange City, a Junior Achievement set-up meant to promote good money use decisions by having the kids run their own city - stores, police, and bank loans included.

I was in charge of watching over the Sign Shop, a business beginning in sign design but branching out into flip-flop and bucket decoration and personalized puzzles. I don’t know if my kids actually learned about anything more than the advantages to having an employee discount, but the Bank President showed she got a good idea of how society works when she came into my shop to write a check for a pair of sandals.

“They’re only $5.00?” She sighed, “Really, the Bank President needs to make less money; I’ve got too much to spend and nothing I really need to spend it on but more junk.”

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