Sunday, July 26, 2009


When we originally planned our month long trip, we thought we'd do a few overnight hikes. It didn't end up that way, but we saw quite a few beautiful things during our many day hikes. This photo is from Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park.

Glacier N.P. was surprising in many ways. For one, there aren't many glaciers that you can see, especially in the summertime. There used to be over one hundred glaciers, but global warming has dropped that number to twenty-six. It is estimated that all of the glaciers will be gone by 2030.

Instead of glaciers, we saw lots of waterfalls (from melting glaciers) and lots of beautiful wildflowers growing alongside those waterfalls. The glacier fed lakes were gorgeous, pristine, and very, very cold. We didn't see any bears, but the campground apparently gets a few, because there were bear-proof dumpsters and bear-proof food containers all around.

There were lots of people at Glacier. Our neighbors at the campsite were a family of Canadians from Alberta. They were friendly and we had a good time sharing a campfire with them. Sam impressed them with his knowledge of the capitals of the Canadian Provinces, and I was taken by the father's "eh"s and the mother's "hey"s.

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