Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the loggers

Last night, Sam and I attended one of the highlights of a La Crosse, Wisconsin summer - a La Crosse Loggers baseball game. Unlike the minor league games of my youth, the players were all college kids, and the stands were full (near sold out) of enthusiastic fans. Even though the hometeam did not win, Sam and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Here's why:

- There is always a hitter from the other team designated as the "Beer Batter." Every time he comes to bat, the announcer plays a great song involving the lyrics, "Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug." If our pitcher strikes out the beer batter, draft beers are $1 for the rest of the inning. We got cheap beer in the 5th inning.

- While I was in line for the aforementioned beer, the Loggers got a double play. What's that mean? 2 for 1 root beer floats! Sam was in that line when I got back to our seats with the real beer.

- Between every inning, something was going on - a frisbee toss, a beer bottle race, baseline bowling, etc. Every once and awhile, some dude in white leather cowboy boots would come out and sing a song. The best was his rendition of "America the Beautiful." Instead of singing the second verse, he spoke the first verse again with a little too much feeling.

- Before the game, we stopped by the merchandise tent just to see what was being offered. They had visors on sale, and since I needed a new one for Ultimate, I bought one. Later in the game, Louie the Logger, the team mascot, came by our seats shaking hands and signing things. I got him to sign the bill of my visor. Sweet.

- Sam wouldn't let me get a picture of them together, but Louie the Logger and Sam look exactly alike right now, thanks to Sam's awesome, huge beard. (Above picture is courtesy of this article about the Logger mascots.)


Sarah Loos said...

I was going to comment that the Logger looked a bit like Sam... but your post beat me to it!

Mike Lommler said...

I'm disappointed in Sam. I wanted to see the twins!