Tuesday, September 22, 2009

beer here!

Sam and I both have regular jobs now, but somehow we managed to get on board with Upland Brewing Co. to moonlight as beer reps in their newly expanded Wisconsin market. Upland is the beer we drank and loved in Bloomington, IN, and we still drink and love to talk up Upland beer to anyone who will listen.

Hence, we spent this Saturday at the Great Lakes Brewfest in Racine, WI serving Upland to discerning (and not so discerning) beer lovers. We offered the Oktoberfest Bavarian Lagar, Preservation Pilsner, Helios Pale Ale, and Upland Wheat Ale. Oktoberfest was by far the most popular (most likely due to the season), but all went well.

It was really fun to be serving beer to all sorts of people, and many were really appreciative of Sam and I's enthusiasm. He got numerous compliments on his awesome beard, and I got:

4 "I love you"'s
2 "You are beautiful"'s
6 "Your braids are awesome"
And 1 "I'll be hanging around afterwards if..."

I also had a guy drink our Pilsner, comment on my braids, bring his grandfather back to try the Pilsner and admire my braids, and then bring his wife and her sister back to do the same.

On top of that, we got to try numerous beers from all over the country. All in all, it was a very good day.

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kj said...

I love you too. You are beautiful. I haven't seen these braids, but I'm seen them in the past and they are awesome. And I'll be hanging around Indiana if...