Sunday, December 6, 2009

mississippi valley mayhem

A couple of my co-workers are roller derby women with the Mississippi Valley Mayhem. Their first bout of the season was this evening, and Sam and I went to check it out. We learned the positions (pivot, jammer, and blockers) and the strategy (the jammer has to lap the other team's blockers). We watched the faster skaters get more points, but saw them fall more. I wavered between really wanting to pick up this new sport and fearing for the health of all my body parts. Sam told me that if I join roller derby, he gets to train for mixed martial arts. I decided we'll both just stick with Ultimate.

I took tons of photos, but most of them were fuzzy because of the fast skating and the low lights. This one, however, crazily turned out in what I think is an awesome way. The ladies are mostly in focus, but they look like ghosts!

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