Saturday, December 5, 2009

jingle bell run

What do 'Sconnies do on a Saturday morning when it's 18 degrees outside?
They run a 5k, of course!

Sam and I signed up for the YMCA's Winter Running Series, and the first race was bright and early and freezing this morning. I was very surprised by the large turnout, from experienced spandex wearing runners to first timers in sweat pants. We all squeezed in the portico of the YMCA until minutes before the race and then huddled like penguins at the starting line until the gun went off.

Despite no training, Sam finished 6th in his age group. I took it easy on my knees and walked 1/3 of the race. Let me tell you, it was the first time I've ever walked during a race, and it was very difficult for me to do.

We both finished without freezing and treated ourselves to the free pancake breakfast.

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ashupe said...

Awww, fun! I did a jingle bell run last year in Indy and it was so fun. This year I've been out of the running habit because I'm still getting over a sprain I had in July. Bummer.